In His Most Gracious Name
Islamic Azad University
Torbat-e Heydarieh Branch
The Effect of Project Works on Learner’s Autonomy and Language proficiency of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners in Two High schools in District Four in Mashhad
A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the English Department at Islamic Azad University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in
English Language Teaching (ELT)
Dr. Mohammad Ali Fatemi
Giti Edjlali
The undersigned have examined the thesis entitled ‘The Effect of Project Works on Learner Autonomy and Language proficiency of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ presented by Giti Edjlali a candidate for the degree of Master of Arts in English Language Teaching (ELT) and hereby certify that it is worthy of acceptance.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Fatemi
DateSupervisor’s name & signature
Dr. Hamid Ashraf
DateExaminer’s name & signature
Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Reza Adel
DateExaminer’s name & signature

I sincerely dedicate my study to my dear family and friends who were always by my side and supported me.

This study wouldn’t have been completed if I hadn’t had the support and encouragement of the following people:
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my supervisor Dr. Fatemi who motivated and supported me throughout writing this project. I am sincerely grateful for his understanding during all the difficulties facing me.
I also express my true gratitude to Dr. Ashraf who encouraged and advised me on picking out this topic as my research proposal topic, and Dr. Motalebzade and Dr. Khodabakhsh who offered great recommendations. I always benefited a lot from their class sessions.
I’m very thankful to my dear friend Mrs. Torabi the headmistress of Farhang High school who equipped me with all the requirements of this study. Her support in piloting and directing the equipment is highly appreciated.
I owe very much to two of my colleagues Mrs. Afarinesh and Mrs. Mahmoodi who accompanied me on the last two sessions and were of great help in evaluating the projects done by my students.
I also owe a lot to my family because of their support and tolerating the lack of household duties on the part of me.
Last but not the least, I thank my dear students because of their patience and unconditional support throughout the projects. Their enthusiasm cheered me up during my tough times and gave me the courage to go on.
Hereby, I, Giti Edjlali declare that this thesis is a presentation of my original research work. Wherever contributions of others are involved, every effort is made to indicate this clearly, with due reference to the literature, and acknowledgement of collaborative research and discussions. The work was done under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Ali Fatemi at the Islamic Azad University, Torbat-e Heydarieh Branch, Iran.
……Giti Edjlali……………………………
Candidate’s name and signature
Date Feb. 4th. , 2015
Title PageAPPROVAL PAGE ii DEDICATION iiiAKNOWLEDGEMNENTS ivDECLARATION vTABLE OF CONTNETS viLIST OF TABLES viiABSTARCT xi CHAPTER ONE: Introduction 1 1.1 Background and purpose 1 1.2 Statement of the problem 4 1.3 Research questions 5 1.4 Research hypotheses 5 1.5 Significance of the study 6 1.6 (De)Limitations of the study 8 1.7 Definition of Key Terms 9
1.7.1 Learner autonomy 9
1.7.2 Project works 10
CHAPTER TWO: Review of Literature 11
2.1. Theoretical Background & Concepts 11
2.1 Overview 32
CHAPTER THREE: Methodology 34
3.1 Overview 34 3.2 Participants and setting 34 3.3 Instrumentation 34 3.3.1. Power points 36
3.3.2. Students’ logbooks 38
3.3.3. Posters and wall newspapers 40
3.3.4. Preparing brochure or pamphlets 41
3.3.5. Making authentic material for future use in the classroom 41
3.4 Procedure 42
3.5 Study design 51 CHAPTER FOUR: Results and Discussions 52 4.1 Overview 64CHAPTER FIVE: Conclusions 72 5.1 Overview 72 5.2 Summary of the findings 73 5.3 Conclusions 74 5.4 Pedagogical implications 76 5.5. Suggestions for further research 77REFERENCES 78APPENDICES Appendix A Questionnaire to investigate the Learner autonomy 85
Appendix B Interview questions 88
Appendix C Common reference levels 89

Appendix D Projects implemented during twelve sessions in brief 92

Tile page in Farsi

Abstract in Farsi 117
Approval page in Farsi 118

Declaration Page in Farsi 119

Table a- The merits of the PBL procedure in comparison to the traditional classrooms 7
Table b – The pre-test scores of both groups 43
Table c – The mean scores of the two groups on the test section

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